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​Oxygen Yoga runs retreats and holidays together, to re-connect, rest and relax. Retreats take you away from real life, and the stressors that go with it.

It’s a great opportunity to deepen your yoga practice with like-minded community. When a group of people on a similar path get together in a beautiful place, new friendships are bound to happen.

You will also see a progression in your yoga practice happen over a very short period of time, as each itinerary has been carefully thought through so you can truly enjoy yoga in a natural pristine environment. We prioritise on fresh, healthy, organic foods and beverages as a part of the experience, which can be used as an opportunity to begin a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Oxygen Yoga retreats do give you something uniquely special. These all-inclusive retreats give you a very specific taste of what it is like to ‘live with purpose’.


A life of health & all things yoga.

Retreat Holidays can be the inspiration to maintain a more holistic and healthy lifestyle.

Treat yourself to a yoga retreat and be rewarded with growth and a renewed sense of wellness.

Yoga on Deck


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